NEXT DANCER is much more than just a dance game, it's a creative platform that highlights movement creators, music, brands, art, and culture. The game is designed to provide a comprehensive dance experience, allowing players to create their own moves and share them with the community, thus creating a collaborative and sharing platform for all dance enthusiasts.

Next Dancer WORLD

What is the goal of the game?


The goal of the game is to become the top dancer in the overall rankings. The rankings are organized by period. The first ranking runs from April 1st to April 30th, 2023. Additional gameplay rules will be added in the next version.

What is the team behind the project?


A very experienced team in gaming, animation & web3 from top studio game

What actions can I take in the ALPHA Ξ± version of the game?


- Access to a private space to configure your avatar
- Access to the central place
- Access to the academy
- Access to the PREMIUM moves from marketplace
- Music selection in the editor (Basic Library)
- Create a 16-second choreography in the editor
- Practice the execution of your choreography in the "DANCE" precision game
- Open duels (Win/lose)
- Obtain achievements
- Progress in the leaderboard
- Possibility to create movements and play with them in the game via the Kinetix Studio

What is planned for the BETA Ξ² version of the game by the end of 2023


- Mobile Gaming (Playable version on IoS and Android)
- The ability to add user-generated movements from mobile (Motion Portal)
- The composition of crews (Alliances)
- Official competitions (With prize pool, customizable environment and rules)
- Importing dynamic NFT traits and movement properties into the Gameplay

We are also working on a real-time game mode to allow dancers to dance in front of their phones and screens...Stay tuned


What is the gameplay like?


Players will be led to evolve through 4 major stages ;

1) Collect Premium moves or create their own moves.
2) Create a 16-second choreography by selecting from a music catalog and assembling animations in the editor.
3) Practice a choreography using the precision mini-game "DANCE".
4) Participate in duels to improve their ranking and unlock new achievements.

How to get the best score?


The choreography created by the player will generate unique points that will need to be played either individually for practice or during duels. The goal is to have the highest score (meaning the dance sequence is mastered).

Depending on their timing, the player collects more or fewer points with each DANCE input:
Less than 30%: 0 pts
Between 30% and 60%: 50 pts
Between 60% and 90%: 100 pts
Greater than 90%: 300 pts

Next Dancer How to perform circle

Depending on its accuracy, an DANCE input earns 0 (missed), 1 (50), 2 (100), or 3 points (300) of technical score.

For each track, a perfect technical score is calculated:
Number of OSU inputs * 3

Once the performance is completed, the player's score is compared to the perfect technical score:

Technical Score Player / Perfect Technical Score = PerformanceRatio

The result will be a ratio between 0 and 1.The technical score is represented by an appreciation:

'Bad': Performance ratio < 0.25
'Quite Good': Performance ratio < 0.5
'Good': Performance ratio < 0.75
'Great': Performance ratio < 0.9
'Perfect': Performance ratio ≀ 1

Next Dancer How to perform

What is the list of achievements?


Achievement Ranks and XP
(Copper): 10 - 50 xp
(Silver): 100 - 200 xp
(Gold): Over 200 xp

Achievement List :

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Track editor
‍Choreographer in the making (Copper) Create your first Track - 10xp
‍Choreographer (Copper) Create 3 Tracks - 20xp

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Academy
‍Starting Out (Copper) Complete your first performance - 10xp
‍Freshman (Copper) Achieve rank 1 "Freshman" - 30xp
‍Sophomore (Copper) Achieve rank 2 "Sophomore" - 40xp
‍Young Talent (Silver) Achieve rank 3 "Young Talent" - 100xp

πŸ‘‰πŸ» DANCE Game
‍Perfectionist (Copper) Achieve a perfect performance - 20xp
‍Super Perfectionist (Copper) Achieve 5 perfect performances - 50xpSocial
‍Influencer in the making (Copper) Share your first track - 10xp
‍Influencer (Copper) Share 3 tracks - 50xp

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Own
Own 5 moves
Own 10 moves
Own 20 moves

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Duels
‍New Contestant (Copper) Complete your first Duel - 10xp
‍Battle Winner (Copper) Win your first duel - 30xp
‍Super Battle Winner (Copper) Win 5 duels - 50xp
‍Successful Dancer (Silver) Win 15 duels - 100xp
‍Dangerous Dancer (Copper) Win 3 consecutive duels - 50xp
‍Dancer to Beat (Gold) Win 10 consecutive duels - 300xp
‍Competitor (Copper) Participate in 10 duels - 50xp
‍Experienced competitor (Silver) Participate in 25 duels - 100xp

Game Map evolution


Start in the Dressing room by creating your avatar and invite your friends to your Private space.
In the Central place, meet, exchanges and confront all the players.
To improve you, go to the Academy.
Then, go to open a duel in the Grand Place area!


Login web3 - Supported wallet MetaMask


The gaming experience can be enjoyed without a web3 wallet.A basic dance move library is available. To progress in the game and acquire new moves, connecting to a web3 wallet is necessary. This allows each player to retain ownership of their NFT dance moves.

If you don't have a MetaMask wallet yet, here's the process to create one:
- Go to the official MetaMask website:
-Click on "Download" and choose the appropriate version for your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Edge).
Install the extension in your browser:
- Once the extension is installed, you will see the fox icon (MetaMask) in your browser's toolbar.
- Click on the icon to open MetaMask.

How can I create my 3D avatar?


The gaming experience offers avatar creation through our partner Ready Player Me. The dance moves can be used on all avatars. For more information, please visit the website:

Next Dancer Login - Player profile


The player profile allows you to choose your player name, country, and favorite dance. It is only visible to the player for now. Only one web3 token ID can be synced with the player profile.

Next Dancer player profile

Who is the owner of the animations?


There are 3 types of animations:
NDΒ PREMIUM paid animations on our marketplace.
NDΒ LIBRARY animations provided by the game, which will be changed regularly.
NDΒ UGC animations created by users by uploading a video in the Kinetix Emote Studio.

The player does not own the LIBRARY animations.
The player owns the PREMIUM and UGC animations.


Ambassador Program


We are looking for ambassadors to improve our game.

At NEXT DANCER, we love content creators. We are thrilled that so many of you support the game with your engaging content. Therefore, we have decided to better reward your efforts with an official program!

By participating in this program, you will receive Ambassador Perks. However, to participate, you MUST create a NEXT DANCER account!

Exclusive Early Access
Discover content and features before their release! These previews will be an excellent mechanism for providing feedback, as well as helping you better prepare your content.

In-game Rewards
As part of the NEXT DANCER Ambassador Program, members will receive 10Β MATIC per month.

Content Creator Community Channel
Receive an invitation to join a private Discord channel for NEXT DANCER partners. Collaborate with other partners, engage with developers, and more!

Content Pack
Receive an official NEXT DANCER content pack. This pack includes in-game art assets such as card illustrations, variant illustrations, streaming overlays, and more!

Great, how can I join the program?

We want to team up with passionate and committed NEXT DANCER content creators. We have long-term plans for NEXT DANCER and want to grow alongside creators of all sizes.
‍Application by mail

I am a brand and I want to establish a partnership.


The NEXT DANCER ecosystem consists of music labels, television programs, art galleries, brands, and participants from the tech industry. If you'd like to join us, please contact us at

I am a dancer or a dance studio, and I would like to create my collection of PREMIUM movements ?


PREMIUM collections are already available:

- Danse Avec Les Stars France
- Breakdancer Lil Kev
- Bgirl Carlota
- Dear Dancer Letter
- Bboy Dany Dann

Coming soon: Bboy Benji

If you want to create your own collection, contact our casting team at the following email address:

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